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TALK: 'Between the Digital and the Distanced lives a Feeling' by Molly McAndrews

24 June 2020

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A reading, a discussion and lively dialogue

Thursday 2d July 2020, 16:00-17:00

This series will feature Molly McAndrews as the first speaking artist, offering critical and creative dialogue, followed by a discussion. See the abstract here: 

         "Co-Vid Co-Lab welcomes all creative dialogue and generation. We are looking to amplify voices in both subtle and powerful ways, as we creatively respond to this largely devastating time. As artists, we are responsive and empathetic to human and non-human voices alike, we listen deeply to humanity’s tormented song and form new narratives for our futures. We encourage this space to facilitate a deeper listening, to ourselves and to each other. Co-Vid Co-Lab supports any form of creative construction that strives for change, for action, for feeling. Let’s create a new conversation and generate potential change for good, deeper than an economic modality. We recognise that your being is embossed with a fight that only you possess, let us listen to it, learn from it and each other."

Published in Tiny Coronavirus Stories

23 June 2020


"I’m depriving my skin of material correspondence and withdrawing the ability to contact other bodies. My skin feels the loss. I envy the machine who can survive without touch. I video-call constantly: uploading myself, my eyes present, moving mouth and megapixel skin. I see other bodies, but not like I know them. Flickering, stuttering, fading. I’m becoming gradually “other.” I’m getting to know my computational personality. I’m feeding my electronic body. It exists without feeling, without pain, grief, or humor. I’m living somewhere in the machine, both here and there, existing in between multiple borders, staring at the unknown." ...Read more from Tiny Coronavirus Stories

Winner: Fine Art Critical Project Award

05 June 2020


The University of Plymouth awards Molly McAndrews the Fine Art Critical Project Award for her Project The Thought Network.

Molly's project elaborated on the potential of thought, investigating the nature in which it acts and interacts. She utilised the conceptual diagram as a portal to collaboratively engage in both human and non-human networks.

Due to the corona virus, all physical exhibitions were postponed, but you can find Molly's virtual Thought Network below. 


Class of 2020: Molly McAndrews

05 May 2020

Screenshot 2020-01-08 at 12.00.19.png

"Molly McAndrews, BA Fine Art final-year student at University of Plymouth speaks to Rachel Marsh.

“This feels like an investigation, like a tool to learn new things”

“What I focus on is the departure of thought from the body.” Molly McAndrews sits at a plain wood table, fresh fruit snacks at her right hand and plain bound sketchbooks filled with text, notes, photocopies and diagrams on her left."

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