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Notes, Molly McAndrews 2020

I found that through the diagram, I became a machine for the production of new thoughts. The material function of practice meant that I could assemble thoughts, and actualise them simultaneously. Usually, we do not preserve thought, we accept its passivity and nonconformity and encourage its immediate departure. However, the unusual experience of retaining and moulding thought like matter, meant that I activated new modes of action from my being and becoming.

Screenshot 2020-03-30 at 14.06.44.png

Notes in a Network, Molly McAndrews 2020

Screenshot 2019-12-13 at 14.44.20.png

Thought Atom, Molly McAndrews 2020

This body of work, called The Thought Network, is based on the connection of mind-to-matter diagramming. The diagram exists beyond our physical experience and has the agency to act in a phenomenological capacity, I found that by engaging in the conceptual diagram I could connect to multiple networks beyond my own. 

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