I am a fine artist based in Plymouth, a city thriving in creativity and research. I am nearing the completion of my BA (Hons) in Fine Art, where I have spent three years being guided by dynamic practising artists. During this time, my research has been shifting between thought-to-matter assemblages, networks and engaging in multiple modes of being through the conceptual diagram.


Plymouth has been the site of multiple collaborative socially engaged projects with artists such as Laura Rosser and Laura Hopes as part of Plymouth Art Weekender, plus multiple collectives formed over the duration of three years. The love for community engagement and creative invention was influenced by my Mother, as she valued creativity as both a fundamental learning device and form of expression. This resulted in my first open public exhibition at 14, achieving Young Artist of the Year award at Doncaster Museum. I continued my education in Yorkshire, achieving a distinction in my Art & Design Foundation, and being awarded the Fine Art Outstanding Award in 2016. 


My current ongoing research is based on the transition of thought to matter, binding the virtual and the actual together to energise new forms of the diagram. I choose to dwell in the shifting spaces between machine and matter; intuitive and reasoned; actual and virtual, allowing a new reality to unfold for myself and the viewer. The networks with which I collaborate with are both human and non-human, as I respond to the active echo of the vitality of matter. 


I always encourage conversations, questions, collaboration and new learning experiences, so please get in touch via my socials or email if you would like to connect. Thank you for taking the time to be here.  

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