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I am a Fine Artist based in Plymouth; a city thriving in creativity and research. In 2020, I graduated with a First Class Honours in Fine Art and was awarded the Fine Art Critical Project award by Plymouth University. During this time, the borders of art expanded and became malleable for me. Being supported by artists as teachers was significant in my process and education became collaborative; a shared experience of reflection and process. The beauty of having such a holistic educational experience is that it gave me the space and support to breathe with my practice, to critically reflect outwards as well as inwards. 


As someone who is invested emotionally in education and its future, I’m always aiming to respond sensitively as an educator and human, especially when young people are growing with such unprecedented times. To listen not only to a material call but to a personal, social and humanitarian one is, for me, what art is about. As much as art is about making, it’s also about listening.


Outside of my research and love for education, I have volunteered for a range of different communities. At 15, I was campaigning and sending aid to refugees in Calais. I was also inspired by my Mother who believed that art could not only be a tool for expression but for healing. So, I volunteered to work with cancer patients and unpaid carers with the charity Creative Art as Therapy in Doncaster. During my college years I helped set up a group called Northern Community Feminism where we fought for an equal institution. Throughout my childhood and especially my adulthood, I have tried to identify my privilege and magnify the voices of those who become silenced in our society, and I believe that art and art education can encourage that. 


In my spare time, I love 35mm film photography and record collecting. I have been an unpaid carer since 16 and I continue to learn from it everyday. At present, I’m in a transitional period where I hope to go into postgraduate study to follow my love for education. Thank you for being here. I’m always looking to engage and connect with people so you are welcome to join me on my socials or email. 



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