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Test Space: Thought Atoms in Motion, Projection, Molly McAndrews 2019

My installations are centred around being present in a mind-to- matter assemblage, in the ultimate living moment of cause and affect. I propose the term The Network of Thought to describe a reality of diagramming that emphasises the departure of thought, which has the potential to merge networks to create the conceptual diagram. My interest is creating thought-to-matter assemblages, called Thought Atoms, which host a hive of conscious and non-conscious thoughts. These reactive shapes act freely in a space and explore both the ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ of our reality.


The Diagram of the Living Present (Inspired by Deleuze), Molly McAndrews 2019

This body of work, called The Thought Network, is based on the connection of mind-to-matter diagramming. The diagram exists beyond our physical experience and has the agency to act in a phenomenological capacity, I found that by engaging in the conceptual diagram I could connect to multiple networks beyond my own. 

The Diagram of the Living Present represents both the inclusion of active matter determining and affecting our path, the potential of thought (the diagram) and the activation of the living present. It is situated between the inside and outside, the past and future, and is energised through actualising and engaging with thought matter.

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